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Whole Life Beauty was founded in 2018 by KK Shoaf, a passionate and experienced beauty professional with over 30 years in the industry. Our mission is to help you discover your natural beauty through clean, non-toxic, and holistic approaches. We believe that beauty is not just about the products you use or the services you receive, but also about the lifestyle choices you make and the knowledge you gain. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional beauty services, education, and empowerment to help you feel confidently beautiful, inside and out. We’re making the world a more beautiful place, one face at a time!

The Whole Life Guru

A Message from Our Founder:
Why “Whole Life Beauty”

For years I have had clients in my chair ask me after their makeover, "So KK, could you come to my house and help me go through all my products at home?" I would laugh and not take them seriously. But a few years ago, after countless requests, I simply answered, "Yes." And my life changed.

I quickly learned that many of my clients were struggling with what products to purchase that would be best for their skin, how to use products they had purchased, or even how to bring last-season colors up to date with new trends. And then there were those precious women who looked me straight in the eye and explained that they were a cancer survivor, or had an autoimmune disease, or had a thyroid disease, or had a compromised skin barrier. All of them wondered the same: Is there anything out there I can trust on my skin, that won’t harm my condition? Does effective skincare exist for me? Are there beautiful, long-lasting colors I can wear with confidence?

These visits continue, followed by pleas for something better for our skin and better for our environment, because we all desire to put our best face forward without causing further harm to ourselves or our future generations. Each visit ends with the same question: “Can you help me?”

My story is the same. In 1998, a tumor and a wait-and-see diagnosis prompted an immediate, complete reversal in my whole lifestyle that encompassed everything I ate, drank, lathered and slathered on my body. But as a beauty professional, the high quality, better scented, long wearing, trend-forward skincare and color choices were few and far between.

I found myself excitedly beginning to use a company's products, positioned as "all natural," "healthy," with "some organic ingredients," only to find out that there were still toxic, harmful substances in their products. I was crushed, angry even, and realized I had to educate myself and do my own research.

The good news is, there is an abundance of whistleblowing going on, creating the demand for the ever-increasing range of better beauty choices. Yay! The bad news is, there are very few laws regulating the labeling of our personal care products, everything from soap to deodorant to eyeshadow–and there haven’t been any updates in those labeling laws since the 1930's. Yikes! So the trend of clean beauty is leaving many who don't understand the truth or untruth behind the labels duped by misleading, often false claims. I care about you. I care about how you feel about how you look. I care about how your beauty on the outside affects your health on the inside. I passionately care about your ability to know the truth and make better choices for your whole life, because I'm on the same journey as you. I care about us, and I care to make a difference. Let me come alongside you and share with you everything I've researched, learned about, and love to use on myself and my most discriminating clients. I'll show you how to apply those products so you can be that true beauty for every reason, in every season of life. And I'll continue to be there to answer your questions. If you’re ready to find out what I can do for you, your skin, and your health, reach out today. We're better together.