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With over 30 years of enriching experience in the beauty industry, KK has honed her craft working with prestigious brands like Chanel Beauty, YSL Cosmetics, Laura Mercier, and more. She has experience creating the perfect look for every camera and style, from TV interviews to magazine covers. Choose KK as your makeup artist when you’re ready to make your mark and tell your story to the world.

Let Us Help You Shine

Branding Makeup Session

After we connect, a 25% deposit secures my service for your session.

From headshots and magazine covers to commercials and website videos, a branding session is for those camera-facing moments that will go down in history. We’ll help you get ready to put your best front forward!

A professional woman poses for the camera with a confident smile and radiant skin, thanks to a branding hair and makeup session with Whole Life Beauty.

Branding/Portrait Session
with Lashes


A professional woman with false lashes that perfectly complement her makeup look poses for the camera in a branding shot.

Branding/Portrait Session with Lashes and Camera-ready hair


A professional man poses for the camera with confidence and radiant skin after a portrait session with Whole Life Beauty.

Branding/Portrait Session with Hair Grooming for Men